Why hire a TENS machine from Belly Beat TENS hire?

  • The Belly Beat MAMA TENS unit is a high quality, professional, obstetric specific product
  • For our low rental price you receive a long rental period for peace of mind
  • You do not pay a deposit
  • Your Mama TENS machine comes with everything you need – including a spare set of batteries and detailed instructions
  • Belly Beat TENS Hire lets you reserve your unit well in advance – another step in your birth plan taken care of

What is included with a Mama TENS unit?

  • Carry pouch
  • Belt clip
  • Neck cord
  • 2 leads
  • 4 large self-adhesive electrodes
  • 2 AA batteries (and 2 spare AA batteries)
  • Simple to use instructions
  • Pictorial guide

How do I order my Mama TENS unit?
You can order easily via our website by filling in the form and following the prompts. Alternatively you can order over the phone with a credit card or even place an order via email. If ordering via email, we will contact you to confirm your preferred payment method.

How do I pay for my Mama TENS hire?
Payment can be made by following the links on our website through to PayPal. You do not have to be registered to use PayPal and payment only takes a few moments. PayPal have over 210 million customers worldwide and provide a safe and secure transacting environment. Please refer to www.paypal.com.au to review their security and conditions.

Payment can also be made by direct bank transfer but a TENS machine will not be shipped until your payment has cleared so please allow time for this when ordering your Mama TENS unit.

What is TENS?
TENS is the abbreviation for Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A number of electrodes (or pads) are attached to specific locations on the skin and then connected to a small battery operated hand held device with lead wires. Once the pads are in place the device is turned on and electrical impulses are sent through the wires to the skin. These electrical impulses produce a mild tingling sensation.

How does Mama TENS work?
Using TENS allows your body to naturally defend itself against pain. It involves applying minute electrical impulses (via electrodes attached to specific parts of your body – in the case of labour pain, on the back) to the nerve endings just under the skin. These electrical impulses cause a release of endorphins and stimulate the nerve pathways to the uterus and cervix and block other sensory inputs such as pain from reaching the spinal cord and brain.

The pain suffered during birth might start with the first contraction or when the cervix starts to dilate. The pain then increases progressively until the cervix is completely dilated. During this period you will experience pain of different types and intensities but due to the innovative technology which has been incorporated into the MAMA TENS unit, you will be able to help counter this. The MAMA TENS unit achieves this by delivering a variety of signals dependent upon the stage of your labour.

What does TENS feel like?
Users feel a tingling or buzzing sensation underneath the location of the pads. While most people do not find this unpleasant, there are some who do not like the feeling.

How is the TENS machine best used?
TENS works best if used as soon as labour begins as it can take up to an hour or so for the body to respond to the electrical impulses and start releasing the pain-suppressing endorphins. Mama TENS is pre-set to cope with pain relief right up to the birth.

The user should start with the intensity controls at their lowest settings and increase these gradually as her contractions get stronger. To counter the pain experienced during the 1st stage of labour, the Mama TENS Programme A is pre-set to a frequency and pulse that will trigger the release of endorphins. This will relax the expectant mother and relieve her pain. She can get additional pain relief during contractions or at any time by pressing the BOOST button on the side of the machine to switch from Mode A1 to Mode A2. Pressing again returns the stimulation to mode A1.

As the expectant mother’s labour progresses to the 2nd stage of childbirth her contractions will intensify and become more frequent. When she feels the need for a heightened form of pain relief she can change the programme setting to Programme B. As before, extra pain relief is available during contractions or at any time by pressing the BOOST button to switch from Mode B1 to Mode B2.

The 3rd stage of labour occurs just before the cervix is fully dilated and the expectant mother starts to push. Programme C1 should then be used. This programme has a special function that “ramps up” the level of intensity during the final contractions while the BOOST button is depressed. Once released, the intensity quickly drops back to the level at which it was previously set.

Some mothers just rely on the Mama TENS unit right up to the birth of their baby and make use of no other pain relief options.

Belly Beat TENS Hire strongly recommends that an expectant mother should acquaint herself with the machine BEFORE she needs to use it! Whether the Mama TENS is hired or bought, it should be unpacked and assembled, the instructions should be studied and a trial run attempted. This needs to be done at home before it is time to depart for the hospital.

How effective is TENS?
Tests performed on over 500 women indicated that 8 out of every 10 found the Mama TENS unit to be useful during their labour and reduced the need for alternative pain relief, allowing them to remain in control of their birth.

What are the advantages of using TENS during childbirth?
> User friendly
> Drug free and non-addictive
> Mother and baby are more alert after the birth
> Non-invasive
> Use in the privacy of your home
> Use from the onset of labour
> Take with you into hospital as labour progresses
> User friendly
> Portable, keeping mother mobile and more relaxed

Can I use an ordinary TENS Machine?
No. Mama TENS units have been specifically designed for use during labour. The electrodes are much larger and the programmes are all pre-set for each stage of labour. The Mama TENS unit also has a “boost” button which ramps up the power during contractions.

What is the difference between the Mama TENS unit and other TENS units?
Mama TENS is a digital machine and has carefully chosen pre-set pain-suppression programmes with buttons that allow the user to change the signal during contractions. Normal TENS units do not have this. Analogue machines have no pre-set programmes – unless they are single programme all-purpose machines – and usually offer a dial to change pulse rate and width. It’s not really practical to use this once labour has begun. Most have a remote Boost button on the end of a cable.

Can Mama TENS be used with other pain relief methods?
Mama TENS can be used in conjunction with other pain relief methods.

Do Midwives approve of TENS use?
Midwives are trained in all kinds of labour pain relief options and your midwife should have some knowledge about TENS. Advise your healthcare professional at your next antenatal appointment that you would like to incorporate using TENS in your birth plan.

Can I use the Mama TENS unit while I am pregnant and after my pregnancy?
During pregnancy the Mama TENS machine may be used from 26 weeks onwards for the relief of back pain associated with pregnancy. If you do use the machine in this way you may wish to order a second set of electrodes for your birth. Please contact us if you wish to order another set of electrodes.

Before using the Mama TENS unit please ensure you familiarise yourself with the Precautions and follow these accordingly.

Can I use a TENS machine if I am considering a water birth?
Yes, although not whilst in the water. You will need to remove the TENS unit electrodes/pads before you enter the water. The TENS machine can be used very effectively up until you wish to enter the water.

Can I use Mama TENS if I am having a Caesarean?
You may wish to use Mama TENS afterwards to help with postoperative pain.

Can I try the unit before going into labour?
Yes. It is very important that you familiarise yourself with the machine before you actually need it. Position one pair of the electrodes on your lower back below your waist on either side of your spine. Increase the intensity slowly until you feel the tingling sensation. Change the programmes so that you are fully aware of the different feelings and understand the controls. Please release the Boost button when in C1 mode before the intensity becomes too strong. Please refer to the Precautions before hiring/buying and using TENS.

How often should I practice?
You should only need to try this once. You want to ensure you keep the electrodes fresh and reserve the batteries for the birth.

Can I share my Mama TENS unit with a friend?
The pads are intended for single patient use only. Sharing them could increase the risk of cross-infection.

What if my TENS machine is not working?
Belly Beat TENS Hire asks that you test the unit immediately upon receipt. If you think the unit is faulty in any way please contact us immediately. We will then arrange for a replacement to be sent to you. Please ensure you do this within a day or two of receiving the machine to ensure Belly Beat has time to replace the machine before you go in to labour.

When is the best time to Order?To secure a TENS machine for your birth please order as soon as you can. This will ensure a Mama TENS machine is allocated to you and your machine is sent out to you to arrive three weeks prior to your due date.

What do I do if the unit does not arrive on schedule?
Please contact us. We will send you another unit immediately. All parcels sent do have tracking numbers and we may need your co-operation as we trace these missing parcels should they end up being delivered to you or sitting in your local post office unclaimed.

What happens if my due date is less than 3 weeks away?
If you are ordering now and are due within three weeks your Mama TENS unit will be shipped via Australia Post Express Post. This Australia Post service aims to deliver on the next business day however overnight delivery is not guaranteed.

What happens if my baby arrives late?
Your Mama TENS unit will be sent to you three weeks prior to your due date. Belly Beat TENS hire provides you with a 5 week hire period which should cover you if you go in to labour early or are overdue. If you are nearing the end of your hire period and still have not gone in to labour please contact us to extend your hire period. Belly Beat TENS hire will provide you with an extra week’s hire free of charge.

What if I wish to cancel my order?
If the Mama TENS hire is cancelled by the customer before it is sent out then a full refund can be given. If the Mama TENS is cancelled after the unit has been despatched then, even if it has not been used, no refund can be given. This is for reasons of hygiene as every unit whether it has been used or not will be clean and supplied with fresh batteries and electrodes on its return.

Can I get a refund if I did not use the Mama TENS unit?
No. Once the unit has left our premises, we have to treat it as contaminated. The cost to Belly Beat TENS hire is the same whether you use it or not.

What happens if I lose the unit?
In exceptional circumstances, if you are unable to return the unit, Belly Beat TENS hire reserves the right to charge the full replacement value (less monies paid in hire fees) of the machine. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What happens if I damage the unit?
The hirer has the responsibility to ensure the machine is returned in the condition it was received. Belly Beat TENS hire reserve the right to charge the hirer the full replacement value (less monies paid in hire fees) of the machine. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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