Hi Bebe 2MHz Colour LCD Fetal Doppler (Hire)

$40.00 / month for 5 months and a $14.00 sign-up fee

Listen to your baby’s heart beat from 10 weeks!
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Order by 12 Midday (AEST) for same day dispatch via Express Post Free! An additional payment of $14 is charged upon sign up to cover return freight.
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Now you can ease some of the anxiousness of pregnancy by listening to your baby’s heartbeat regularly at any time in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Imagine sharing the joy and excitement of your pregnancy with your loved ones. A Doppler is a great way to start bonding with you unborn child now. The other special people in your life will love taking an active role in your pregnancy.

With FREE next business day delivery (conditions apply), you can use the Belly Beat Doppler to pick up your baby’s heartbeat from as early as 10-12 weeks. Each Doppler comes with an LCD Fetal Heart Rate Display, batteries, gel, instructions, tips and a carry case.

Our Doppler comes with an audio output which allows you to record your baby’s heartbeat using a computer. Save the sound file and send it to friends and relatives far and wide to listen and share in the fun.

The Hi-BeBe Doppler as supplied by Belly Beat is a quality medical grade instrument used by health care professionals throughout Australia. Belly Beat are authorised sellers and the Doppler has TGA approval in Australia and is approved for use in many other countries also.


What is a Doppler?

A Fetal Doppler is an ultrasound device which can detect the fetal heart beat. These are the same devices doctors, nurses and mid-wives use every day. Dopplers do not detect sound; they send ultrasonic waves which bounce off moving objects including the fetal heart, flowing blood and even the baby’s moving arms and legs.

Is a Doppler safe to use?

In over 30 years of daily use and with constant testing being done around the world, no adverse risks to the mother or baby have been detected. Our Dopplers have been approved by the Federal Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Administration and thus meet the highest of safety standards. The machine must only be used for its intended purpose and a couple of minutes each day should more than satisfy your desire to hear your baby’s heartbeat.

How early can the Doppler pick up my baby’s heartbeat?

A Doppler can detect the heartbeat from as early as 10-12 weeks however for some it may be later than this. Please refer to Doppler Tips for best results.

Will I be able to tell my baby’s heartbeat from mine?

Your heartbeat will be noticeably different from your baby’s. Please refer to Doppler Tips for more information.

Why do I need ultrasound gel?

Applying a layer of gel between the Doppler probe and the tummy ensures a clear signal for detecting the fetal heart beat. Doppler sound waves do not travel easily through the air and without the use of the gel, static interference may prevent a clear, audible sound. The Belly Beat Doppler comes with a 60g tube of ultrasound gel.

What if I run out of ultrasound gel?

If you run out of ultrasound gel you can use any water-based lubricant. These can be purchased in your local supermarket or chemist.

How long will it take me to receive my Doppler?

Orders placed by 3pm AEST (or AESDT during daylight saving), will be dispatched the same day. After this time it will be dispatched on the next business day. We use the Express Post service via Australia Post however, next business day delivery is not guaranteed.

Do I need to be at home to receive my Doppler?

You do not need to be at home at the time of delivery as Australia Post will leave a card for you if they cannot leave the parcel at your door or in your mailbox. This does mean that you will need to visit the post office as specified on the card to collect your parcel.

Is there a minimum hire period?

The minimum hire period is one month.

Is there a maximum hire period?

There is no maximum hire period however if you feel you would like to hire a unit for an extended period of time you might like to look at purchasing the unit outright.

Will my hire fees apply if I decide to buy the Doppler?

All hire fees paid to date will be taken off the purchase price of the Doppler should you decide to purchase it.

How does the billing system work?

By hiring a Belly Beat Doppler you authorise PayPal to charge the monthly hire fee and the one-off non-refundable return postage fee to your nominated credit card or bank account. This first payment, and subsequent payments, will be charged to your account on the date the order was placed. The hire fee will be charged until the unit is returned to Belly Beat Doppler Hire or the Doppler is purchased and paid for in full. Your hire date does not start until the Doppler is dispatched.

What if I want my Doppler delivered to work but haven’t told them I am pregnant?

Belly Beat Doppler Hire understands the need for discretion. The parcel does not have the business name specified anywhere to ensure your privacy.

What if you are out of stock?

Once you have placed your order we will contact you to let you know we are out of stock and provide you with an estimated wait time. At that time you can cancel your order or choose to wait for a Doppler to become available. Your hire period will not start until the Doppler is dispatched.

Why do you use a Third Party company for payments and are my details safe?

We use the PayPal system. PayPal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with more than 200 million accounts worldwide. PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information. Please refer to www.paypal.com.au to review their security and conditions.
All online payment systems do ultimately go through a third party and Belly Beat has decided they do not want to record or have recorded on their property any personal banking details. This way you have the knowledge that your details are being kept safe with one of the leading online payment systems in the world.

Many Australian companies are now using PayPal for online payments. You may be surprised at just how handy it is to have a PayPal account.

What do I need to do at the end of my hire?

Please click here for instructions on what to do with the Doppler at the end of your hire.


The minimum hire period is one month.

Once the Doppler has been delivered you have 5 working days in which you can email or telephone us to cancel the hire. If you do cancel the hire we will refund you the monthly hire fee but the delivery/return courier fee is non-refundable.

Goods will normally be delivered within 2 working days but if your goods are not dispatched and received by 30 days you will receive a full refund of your first month’s hire and courier fee. If we are out of stock we aim to have the Doppler delivered within 5 working days but we will make you aware of the delay at the time you place the order and you can cancel your order immediately if you wish.

The Doppler remains the property of Belly Beat at all times except when the Doppler is purchased in full.

You are responsible for the care of the Doppler until the unit has been returned to Belly Beat. If the Doppler is lost, stolen or destroyed during your hire you are responsible to pay for the Doppler in full. The gel is yours to keep and need not be returned but the batteries and original packaging must be returned with the Doppler. Please click here for details on returning your Doppler.

The Doppler must be returned in the same condition as it was received. A Doppler returned requiring repair will be assessed and if the fault is not covered by the warranty we may bill you for the repair if the damage is due to misuse or mistreatment of the Doppler.
If you decide to purchase the Doppler the warranty will be back dated to the start of the hire. The warranty is for one year.


The Belly Beat Doppler will perform to standard specifications. We will replace any unit that fails during the one year warranty period. However, if upon inspection of the Doppler it is determined that the Doppler was altered or repaired by an unauthorised technician, or the Doppler was damaged by misuse, neglect or accident, then you assume full liability for replacement or repair costs.

The Doppler is intended for use solely as a fetal heart monitor. It is not to be used for anything else. Failure to adhere to this will render the warranty void.

If you have not contacted us by email or telephone and/or returned the Doppler within 3 business days of the end of the current month’s hire, you will be billed for each subsequent month’s hire until the Doppler is returned or paid for in full.

When the Doppler has been returned in good working condition we will cancel the monthly charges. Should you be billed after this time we will credit you for the amount deducted in error.

It is very important to note that while the Hi-Bebe Doppler is a medical grade instrument, Belly Beat Doppler Hire do not intend for the Doppler to be used in any way for diagnostic or other medical purposes unless the purchase has been made by a licensed medical practitioner. The device should not be used as a substitute for or replacement of regular recommended antenatal care. Always seek professional, medical advice should you have any concerns during your pregnancy as just listening to your baby’s heartbeat doesn’t assure you of your baby’s well being.

The terms and conditions can not be modified in any way except by agreement and in writing.

By hiring a Doppler from Belly Beat Doppler Hire you agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Belly Beat Doppler Hire and all associated persons from all liability arising from or relating to the use of the Doppler and associated equipment either hired or purchased from Belly Beat.

These terms and conditions are governed by the law of New South Wales.

By hiring a Doppler from Belly Beat, you accept and agree to these terms and conditions.


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